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Norwegian Centres of Expertise (NCE) is an ambitious venture which has produced a number of good results. There are twelve such centres in Norway. They are appointed by the Government and the program is run by the Norwegian Research Council, Innovation Norway and SIVA. The criteria for being a NCE-cluster are well defined and only research and develop oriented clusters with growth potential and a large share of export are qualified. NCE Raufoss has been a part of the program since it first started up in 2006.

The NCE program has a long-term perspective. The companies which are participating are offered professional and financial support for development processes for up to ten years. International research shows that industrial clusters lead to higher employment, greater economic growth, higher wages, improved productivity and a higher number of start-ups. Innovation in the form of new technology, new products and new services more often has its origins within industrial clusters than in companies outside the clusters.
The twelve clusters represent a significant part of Norwegian industry and business over a broad range of sectors, from tourism to cancer research but with a strong focus on the most important industries in Norway.





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