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The companies behind NCE Raufoss represent one of the most competitive and advanced industrial centers in Norway. Most of the companies compete on a global market and live up to the highest standards and requirements of the world’s most demanding customers, including the major automotive manufacturers, defence clients and electronics producers.

The leading competence in the cluster can be summarized within the status as a national competence centre: “Light weight materials and automated production”. The combination of world-leading competence, both academic and practical, is the basis for global exports from Norway to all continents of the world.

  • 40 companies, 5000 employees incl activities in other countries , 700 million euro turn-over
  • Market leaders globally in focused niches:
    • Crash management : Crash-boxes and bumpers, roll-over protection systems
    • Wheel suspension systems
    • Steering columns components
    • B-B manufacturing of professional electronics
    • Coupling for brake systems and for water & gas
    • Health care mobility aids
    • Composite tanks for LPG and CNG
    • Advanced Ammunition and rocket motors
    • Advanced aluminum extrusions  and complex machined components
  • World-leading competence within materials technology
    • Aluminum, steel, brass and increasingly within plastics and polymer composites
  • World leading competence within automated production
    • Complex production processes involving advanced materials and extreme demands on quality
    • Testing and laboratory services and facilities
  • A well-functioning cluster
    • High-scale R&D cooperation, comprehensive networks and industrial traditions
    • National Composite Competence Centre
    • National and international universities



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Fire millioner til Raufoss-miljøet
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